Just for the record…

I just won an online 18 player tournament.  $7.20 in the bank.  Woo yeah!  Big time baby! (See, I don’t always lose.) Update @ 00:12: And again.  That’s $14.40, in case you couldn’t work that one out for yourself. 😉

18 Jun 2011

Approximately exactly that

Like it or loathe it, Wikipedia is here to stay.  Sure, there are inaccuracies, but it’s a rich source of mostly-correct information on almost anything you could possibly think of.  Scrap that.  It’s probably a rich source of mostly-correct information on anything you could think of.  More than that, though, it’s probably a rich source

16 Jun 2011

Half full?

This week, I’ve done it!  Well, I’ve done half of it.  I have reached 10,000 sit-ups!  I’m really pleased to have got this far, though I am kinda wishing I’d only set out to do 10,000 in the year (because I’d be done now, you see).  It’s not that I’m finding it particularly difficult, just

16 Jun 2011

Wanna race?

Just before this hand was played, Player 7 said my name reminded him of a Grand National runner. Then we raced. 🙂

14 Jun 2011

What’s that? The aces didn’t hold? Well it is Full Tilt Poker.

I’m sure this isn’t really a “feature” of Full Tilt (indeed, I’m sure it’s simply a “feature” of poker in general), but this does seem to happen to me more than it should.  There were only two cards in the deck that I was concerned about during this hand.  Turns out he had one of

11 Jun 2011

My complaint to the BBC

I’m normally a big fan of the BBC: their content is generally high quality, their services are top-notch, and I’m normally pretty happy to pay the licence fee.  Tonight, I feel rather let down.  I’m probably over-reacting but in my defence I feel I’ve done everything I can in the situation and yet I’m left

05 Jun 2011

Know your enemy

As far as I know, this is the first tournament I’ve played against this guy (I’ve started to make notes about players and he didn’t have any).  He’s played a number of stupid hands.  Some he’s won, others he hasn’t.  I didn’t expect to win this hand, and as I went all in I said

02 Jun 2011

When you can’t win with aces…

Honestly, I don’t go looking for bad beats.  They just seem to find me.

30 May 2011

Le sigh

27 May 2011

KK beaten…again

20 May 2011
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