I Am Troy Davis

Warning: The following post is about an adult theme and contains strong language. You have been warned. For a little while now I’ve been reading the blog of The Custody Sgt. On Thursday he blogged about the execution of Troy Davis, and about the death penalty in general. I was going to post the following

24 Sep 2011

Up the creek, so to speak

Last Thursday I attended the regular LIVES training session. The deal is that, once you’ve passed as a First Responder, you have regular group training sessions. It makes perfect sense — it keeps your training fresh and reminds you of the things you might have forgotten about. Practically all of the local First Responders were

21 Sep 2011

Responding and Toys

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last blogged.  Similarly, I don’t know how much longer I might have left it if it wasn’t for the events of this week.  That sounds ominous…it shouldn’t.  This week I have mostly been on First Responder training with LIVES.  I qualified as a level 2

26 Aug 2011

Bethan & Harri’s first cinema trip

I took Bethan and Harri to the cinema today, for the first time. We went to see Kung Fu Panda 2. It was something that Bethan wanted to see, more than Harri, but Harri came along too under the promise that we’d go to see Cars 2 when it’s out. What I saw of the

09 Jul 2011


Right, first up: this has nothing to do with that thing which appeared in the mid-90s and involved a piece of string, two sticks and an hourglass-shaped block of wood.  Nor is it the name of anything that your doctor should be concerned with (thanks for that, mum).  This post is about Diabloskinz and my

29 Jun 2011



29 Jun 2011

*D*r ABC

My first aid partner and I entered a room where there was a concerned member of the public who came to greet us. “This kid’s been sat there for ages,” he said. “I’ve tried talking to him and shouting at him, but he just sits there and stares off into the distance. I haven’t got

28 Jun 2011

Checking to see if a string is uppercase in C#

As part of a work project I needed to check to see if a string was all upper-case (and act on it if it was).  I wondered if someone had already written something to do this, so had a quick Google for it.  All of the cases I found involved using regular expressions, checking to

24 Jun 2011

A simple “patient” observation chart for parents

Having three young kids, Susie and I are used to having to regularly take their temperature when they’re ill, give them Calpol or Nurofen when their temperature’s high, and make a note of it so that we both know what’s going on.  However, these notes usually end up on the backs of envelopes and so

22 Jun 2011

Does that sound like a plan?

As we walked home through the village this evening, we saw an old convertible Corvette (the Chevy kind, not the knackered old Vauxhall kind).  Harri started telling me I should have a car like that. “I can’t,” I said, “because you can’t get any car seats in the back of one of those.” “Well,” he

19 Jun 2011
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