A poker post…

It’s been a while since I blogged anything about poker (hell, it’s been ages since I blogged anything at all), but this one annoyed me. I was told that I was wrong to go all in at this point, and that the guy who won the pot had a 51% chance of winning. I had

31 Mar 2013

Protected: It’s worse than that. He’s dead, Jim!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

23 Nov 2012

Poor Hollis and his demons

Yesterday I closed a blog that I’d almost forgotten I’d started.  It was something I started 6 years ago, with the intention of having an anonymous outlet for “artistic” content (and I’m abusing the word “artistic” so hard that the CPS would shit on me from upon high). Aaaaanyway, the idea was that I would

13 Nov 2012

When Carl Met Susie: A Brief Photographic Tale

Susie found some old photos from uni today.  I thought I’d scan them and put them in some sort of chronological order for your entertainment.  The year was 1998, and this dashingly handsome young fellow was off to university:   He met a rather attractive young lady, who he first assumed to be someone’s little

12 Nov 2012

Politics by comparison

The Fair Fuel UK people seem to be making some inroads into the whole fuel duty thing at last, which is pleasing.  That’s not actually what this post is about, though.  This is about something that’s mentioned in this article: The Treasury said fuel was “now 10p a litre lower than under the previous government’s

12 Nov 2012

National FairFuel Day 2012

I received the following email from the FairFuelUK campaign (of which I am a member).  I can’t make it on the 7th March, but I thought I’d reproduce the email here in case someone else can: Dear FairFuelUK Supporter, Already, hundreds of our supporters have said that they will be joining us on 7th March

08 Feb 2012

Terrible joke

Courtesy of a colleague’s joke-a-day calendar: A burglar breaks into a house and is quietly and expertly collecting valuables in his bag when he hears a voice call, “Jesus is watching you.” Startled, he looks around the room but there doesn’t seem to be anyone there, so he carries on stashing the valuables into his

31 Jan 2012

Oh god, here we go again

Happy New Year!  It’s January.  It’s 2012.  That can only mean one thing (okay, it can mean many things, but only one that this post is about): it’s the start of a new challenge.  Mr Cheesecake and I will be taking our first steps, literally, towards our 500km target today.  We’ll be beating down on

03 Jan 2012

Two Fat Men do 20,000 Sit-ups in 2011, the final chapter (sort of)

How quickly a year goes by, huh? I’m now at 18,400 sit-ups with just 1,600 to go. I say “just” like it’s no effort and, to be fair, it’s not much. I’m currently racking them up at 200 per day (5 sets of 40 reps), so the remaining 1,600 should only take me 8 days.

28 Nov 2011

I’ve been scammed!

…fortunately Mr Ban Ki-Moon is on the case. He even emailed me: From: Mr. Ban Ki-Moon Secretary General (UNITED NATIONS). United Nations Headquarters, 760 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA Dear Beneficiary. How are you and the family, we got your email notification about your dealings with some kind of scammers which you

06 Oct 2011
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