Water babies

A couple of weeks ago, we paid for swimming lessons for Bethan and Harri. Bethan has been learning through school for one term already, but we wanted something that was more directed and we wanted Harri to get in on the act given how keen he’s been recently to get into the water and get

20 Jan 2014

How to, actually, configure friendly URLs in Umbraco

tl;dr You know what I hate? I hate forum posts which start something like: I’m having real difficulty getting XYZ working. I’ve done [some stuff] but I’m getting [error message]. And then the next post is: Ah, never mind. I’ve worked it out. The reason I hate these posts is because they become Google results. There

26 Nov 2013

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Oh, and it might save a life too

Before 999. What’s the address of the emergency? Oh god. I think s/he’s dead. S/he’s dead! We need to know what the address is so that we can get help on its way as soon as possible. Oh, it’s 123 Some Street. My town. And what’s the problem? It’s my dad/mum. S/he’s collapsed and I

28 Oct 2013

Thanks, BBC

I’m so grateful that we have the BBC. Totally balanced reporting without a hint of the sensationalism that you’ll find it other media outlets. I mean take this, for example:                 I’m not talking about the first one in the list (I’ll be honest, I haven’t read the

24 Sep 2013

Music Matters

It’s 1989, or thereabouts. We live on Ffordd Garmonydd. My bedroom is huge (though I wouldn’t appreciate that until much later) with the bed up against the wall opposite the door. My eldest brother, Mark, plays the cornet. It’s late, so I’ve been sent to bed, but Mark’s not in and mum & dad are

20 Sep 2013

What they don’t tell you about being a CFR! – Update

We now have a new responder phone, with a new text and ring tone (not, I should stress, as a result of my last post). I feel a little like a participant in some fucked up psychology experiment! Little Albert: I feel your pain!

15 Sep 2013

What they don’t tell you about being a CFR!

When you sign up as a CFR, there are certain things that you expect to experience. Before you get into it, you expect it to be drama all the way, with CPR-a-plenty. It’s not like that, dear reader. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely exciting and, at times, busy, and it’s always great to see

12 Sep 2013


You know when kids get to the point when they understand what their parents are saying, so the parents start spelling stuff out when they want to have a “secret” conversation? Well that doesn’t work when your kids can spell, too. So the language of the parent has to develop. Here is a conversation that

01 Jul 2013

I wish I was better at this!

I am human. I have been through childhood, adolescence, relationships and the mistakes that will inevitably be made. I am not special, in that regard, but the people who formed part of that journey, and the stories that they took part in, are special…to me, at least. And I want to blog about them. I

06 Jun 2013

Aim high. Then, when you hit your target, aim higher.

Harri was reading one of his school books this evening, just before going to bed.  When he finished I said, “Isn’t it great?” “Isn’t what great?” “Well, you can read!  You can pick up a book and just read it.  How cool is that?” “I can’t read any book; only book band 8.” “Only book

21 May 2013
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