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Water babies

A couple of weeks ago, we paid for swimming lessons for Bethan and Harri. Bethan has been learning through school for one term already, but we wanted something that was more directed and we wanted Harri to get in on the act given how keen he’s been recently to get into the water and get on with it. Given that Harri was of the mentality that he would swim a width underwater or die trying whereas Bethan, for years now, has refused to even get her face wet, I was expecting Harri to surge ahead in the lessons. And I was right, at first.

Then today happened.

After their 2nd lesson last week, it became clear what we needed to work on with both of them: Bethan was still hesitant to get her head under the water and go for it (though she did get her head underwater a couple of times during the lesson). Harri needed to work on his kicking. We bought a couple of woggles and a pack of diving sticks and headed back to the pool today, determined to work on the areas that they needed to improve on so that they could get the most out of their lessons.

To say that I’m proud of my kids would be a huge understatement.

Harri worked hard on his kicking and soon got the hang of “floppy feet”. He even had a go with his arms. He joined in with the other bits that we were doing with Bethan too, and did really well.

Then Bethan swam.


The first I knew she was doing it was when I spotted her kicking past me under the water. She’d decided that she was just going to do it, and she did. By the end of the session she was diving for the sticks, swimming underwater to pick them up, opening her eyes while she was underwater… When she was swimming underwater she was pretty much doing it as well as I would — the only difference was lung capacity and strength. I was amazed.

Then Alfie got in on the act! Having seen his brother and sister kick around the pool with the woggles, he decided that he wanted a go. So he grabbed a woggle and started kicking!

All three kids have made me proud today. They’ve all done something that’s surprised me and they’ve all pushed their boundaries.

Just thought I’d share.


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