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You know when kids get to the point when they understand what their parents are saying, so the parents start spelling stuff out when they want to have a “secret” conversation? Well that doesn’t work when your kids can spell, too. So the language of the parent has to develop. Here is a conversation that Susie and I have just had:

Me: Did we archive a recent broadcast of a transparent 6-faced object involving celebrities?

Susie: Yes.

Me: Was it a broadcast that has previously been released to the public?

Susie: I thought so, initially, but as time passed I was more convinced of its originality. Why?

Me: I was just wondering if it was something that we should persist, in case certain minors would be interested in future viewing at a more convenient time.

Susie: Yeah, it should be persisted. I think certain minors would appreciate the opportunity to experience it.

And the translation?

Me: Did we record The Cube celebrity special yesterday?

Susie: Yes.

Me: Was it a repeat?

Susie: I thought so, but the further we got into it the less I remembered. Why?

Me: I wondered if we should keep it to show the kids.

Susie: Yeah, they’d like it.



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