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National FairFuel Day 2012

I received the following email from the FairFuelUK campaign (of which I am a member).  I can’t make it on the 7th March, but I thought I’d reproduce the email here in case someone else can:

Dear FairFuelUK Supporter,

Already, hundreds of our supporters have said that they will be joining us on 7th March at a mass lobby of Parliament, but we need hundreds more to make a big impact, so please join us.

  • If you work in a business, perhaps the management would allow you to come as a representative of the firm?  If you own the firm, perhaps you could come along and join the many other entrepreneurs who want to say to the Government that ‘enough is enough’ and that the economy desperately needs a cut in fuel duty
  • It might be that you work in the voluntary sector.  Why not get a group of your fellow volunteers together so that you can share travel costs?  We know that many charities and voluntary groups are really being hit hard by the high costs of petrol and diesel
  • It might be that you live in a rural area.  So many people in remote areas have no choice about using their cars and so suffer so much more than others as petrol/diesel goes up.  Why not get a group together from your parish council or from your village?
  • You might work in the logistics industry as I still do.  With many trucks only just managing 8 mpg the hauliers and freight companies of Britain are really under the cosh
  • If you work in a trade association or a Chamber of Commerce, perhaps you could spread word of the event across your membership and ask them to send representatives

Whatever you do, wherever you live PLEASE join us on the 7th March if at all possible

With your help, the FairFuelUK campaign achieved the major success last year of fending off 9p in fuel duty rises.  Now, with your help, we need to fight for an actual cut in fuel duty.

Opportunities to make our case in such a powerful way don’t come often.  Please help us by attending on the 7th March and making it a great success.  Full details and how to let us know you are coming are here at

Thanks to the hundreds of supporters who responded to our call to buy a campaign sticker and help us get our message all across the roads and motorways of Britain.  A massive showing of ‘sticker support’ helps boost the campaign and helps raise the funds to keep it going.  Why not buy some now…..

We only have 42 days to the Budget.  If we work together like we did last year, we can make a massive difference….

Very kind regards,

Peter Carroll
and the FairFuelUK Team


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