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Two Fat Men do 20,000 Sit-ups in 2011, the final chapter (sort of)

How quickly a year goes by, huh? I’m now at 18,400 sit-ups with just 1,600 to go. I say “just” like it’s no effort and, to be fair, it’s not much. I’m currently racking them up at 200 per day (5 sets of 40 reps), so the remaining 1,600 should only take me 8 days. The problem I’m having is that I’m lazy, as I knew I would be, so sometimes several days go by before I do any. I’m confident that I’ll finish before the end of the year (surely even I can fit in 8 days’ of effort into 30-something days) and then it’s straight onto the next challenge…

“Sorry, the what?” I hear you say.

Yep, the next challenge. Next year, the venerable (and slightly unstable, I suspect) Pablocheesecake and I will be running 500km. Each, of course. That’s a little over 311 miles, so basically a mile a day for almost every day of the year. I don’t think we’ll be doing it for charity this time, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, our current charidy effort is rather sparse, at a measly 45 quid. That’s not to belittle, in any way, the donations that we have received. It’s just not the sort of number I was hoping for at the start of the year. The other reason is that I have a history of suffering from shin splints. Obviously I’ll do my best to avoid getting them again, but I can’t guarantee it and I don’t want to have the pressure of doing something for charity on me to push me beyond my physical capabilities.

One of the ways I plan to reduce the chances of shin splints is, well, to run properly. By properly, I mean barefoot. I’ve experimented with barefoot running a couple of times, and it does seem to make sense. There’s a lot of money in running shoes, but there’s also a lot of money in fast food. It doesn’t mean it’s what your body needs. I won’t be completely unshod. I plan to acquire a pair of funky Vibram FiveFingers. I just need to find a pair for less than a hundred quid (what was that about money in running shoes again?).

Honestly, it’s a stupid bloody idea. Who the hell came up with that one? Oh.

Wish us luck.


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