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Right, first up: this has nothing to do with that thing which appeared in the mid-90s and involved a piece of string, two sticks and an hourglass-shaped block of wood.  Nor is it the name of anything that your doctor should be concerned with (thanks for that, mum).  This post is about Diabloskinz and my experience with them as a customer.

In the interest of disclosure, let’s go right back to the start:

Around 18 months ago I posted a message on Twitter saying that I was interested in trying out something called airsoft.  It’s a little like paintball, but instead of firing bloody great spheres of coloured stuff at each other, you shoot small plastic BBs.  Anyway, a chap called James, who I’d never met before, responded recommending a site to try out.  I got down there a little while later and had a great time.

All this, incidentally, is irrelevant.

James set up a new company called Diabloskinz.  They provide vinyl skins for various devices.  I’d often been tempted by them, but never got around to actually trawling the site and buying one.  It was during a moment of procrastination that I stumbled up on this skin.  It’s a dragon, sitting on the toilet, reading a book.  In other words, it’s me.  In the past, James has tweeted various celebrities and TV personalities asking them if they’d like a free skin.  Of course, it works in his favour to have his products seen with these people.  Ever noticed Jake Humphrey’s iPad, and how it’s all nicely F1 branded?  Yeah, that’s a skin.

So, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I tweeted James to ask if I could have a free skin too.  In return I promised to blog about it (because I’m such a celebrity, you see).  His reply was actually more amenable than I was expecting: he wasn’t willing to give one away, but he would do a discount!  I won’t reveal the size of that discount — that’s between James and I — but to offer any discount at all was very generous of him.  I doff my cap to the kind gent.

The skin arrived within 24 hours and it looks great.  I had to spend a little time putting it on, and even then I’ve managed to make it look a little wonky (apparently I can’t do straight lines.  Go me).  It’s really personalised my phone, though.  A few people have commented on it and I’m happy to show them.  The matching wallpaper is a really nice touch, though obviously not supported by all devices (such as the Amazon Kindle).

So is it worth it?  Totally.  Its real strength, I think, would be with things which could get mixed up with other people’s, like Xbox 360 controllers and such like.  But that’s purely from a practical, “that’s mine” point of view.  Aesthetically, these are very pleasing indeed.  Hell, if it wasn’t for the fact that my Xbox is tucked away in a TV cabinet, out of sight, I’d seriously consider skinning it.  It would look epic.

So many thanks to James and co at Diabloskinz.  I promised, albeit tongue-in-cheek, that I’d blog about it, but I think it’s absolutely blog-worthy.  Since it’s gone midnight at the manor, I’ll have to take some photos at another time.  But I will take some, and I’ll update this post accordingly.

You, too, can follow James on Twitter.  He’s @diabloskinz, of course.


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