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*D*r ABC

My first aid partner and I entered a room where there was a concerned member of the public who came to greet us.

“This kid’s been sat there for ages,” he said. “I’ve tried talking to him and shouting at him, but he just sits there and stares off into the distance. I haven’t got a CRB or anything, so I daren’t approach him.”

Across the room was a small child, sat up against a desk.  We approached him, me on one side and my partner on the other side.  We crouched down alongside him and tried to elicit a response.

“Hello there!” my partner called in his ear as he gently shook the child.  The next thing I knew, he was also unconscious.


So then I had two casualties to deal with.  I still didn’t know what was wrong with the child, so I prioritised him.  I tried again to elicit a response from him, speaking loudly in his ear and gently shaking him.

I’m unconscious. We’re all dead.

As I died I noticed the wire running from the digital projector, down the back of the desk, and underneath the child.  We’d all been electrocuted.

Obviously this was just training, but it was a really good lesson in the D of DR ABC.  Always check — thoroughly — for dangers, otherwise you’ll become another casualty.  I’m really annoyed at myself (DR ABC is the first thing you learn on a first aid course) but at least it was in training and I can write about it here.


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