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Another personal best while playing catchup

The other day, Monsieur Cheesecake tweeted:

150 sit-ups today. Suck on that @seabrie! Mwha ha ha ha ha….

His achievement reminded me that I should probably get my backside in gear and do some more situps, having had one or two days off that, perhaps, I shouldn’t have.  During a conversation today I asked Paul how far he’d got.  I sometimes ask him this question, not for some sort of willy wangling competition, but because his pace in this challenge has (until recently at least) been as regular as the decay of a caesium 133 atom.  This means I can compare my own progress to where I “should” be.  It turned out that my 6,200 was behind the pace; Paul will be breaching the 7,000 situp point this week.

I had some catching up to do, and so I set to it.

I got home from this week’s St John Ambulance meeting at around 9:45 and decided to bang out the usual 100 situps for the day.  As usual, I did a set of 60 followed by a set of 40.  Normally I’d then get up, pat myself on the back (metaphorically speaking.  I’m not that flexible) and switch on the TV.  Tonight, however, I decided to do a few more.  After all, Paul had done 150 recently.  I should at least match that.  Maybe I’ll do 200.  I started on sets of 20 and soon found myself at the 200 situp mark — my previous personal best.  I still had some more to give though, so I carried on doing more sets of 20.  My final count for tonight was 300 situps!  Obviously I’m really rather pleased with that, though I’m sure I’ll pay for it with interest tomorrow.

6,500 done.  13,500 to go.

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