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Frustrating heads up

Well that was a rollercoaster. I sat down to a single table SnG about an hour ago. There were two very aggressive players on the table. Fortunately they were both to my right so, for the most part, they acted ahead of me. I simply sat and waited for my moments to come, and come they did. At one point I bet half my stack in a river-call against one of them with A10 off. Not normally a move I’d consider doing, but I’d got the read on him and I figured he was chancing it. He showed J high and I won the pot.

What made the game more drawn out (in terms of online games at least) was the heads up match at the end. We started off with an 11-2 chip ratio, which then got shipped back and forth several times before I finally took the game with, of all things, 56 suited. I paired my 5 on the flop to take the hand. I have to admit my play at that point was rash and driven almost entirely by the desire to end the constant to-ing and fro-ing. Here, for your entertainment, is the point that the game should have ended, but didn’t:


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