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1/4 of the way there! Hell yeah!

I did another 100 sit-ups this evening, making the grand total…


That’s a whopping 25% of the way there.  1/4 of the way.  Just 15,000 to go!  Oh.

Still, it’s a milestone and I’m damn pleased.

Did I mention that we’re also collecting donations for The Stroke Association?  Of course I did, and now I’m mentioning it again.  Stroke is a huge issue which affects millions of people.  The Stroke Association fund research, treatment and care across the country and the world (no matter where the research is done, everybody benefits).  So far we’ve raised £35.  That’s £35 more than we had before, and that’s great, but that’s 0.7p per sit-up.  When you consider the fact that I’m not alone in this venture (indeed, it was Mr Cheesecake’s idea) and that Monsieur Cheesecake is also fast approaching the 5000 sit-up mark then it’s only 0.35 pence per sit-up.

We’re aiming to raise £200.  I know it’s a big ask, but if you can donate anything, anything at all, it would be much appreciated (many thanks to those who have already donated).  If you can’t donate anything, please pass our message on to your friends.  Spread the word and hopefully, together, we can hit the target.

You can donate to The Stroke Association via our Just Giving page.


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