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A brief activity update

I know I’ve gone quiet on here recently, but that’s not because I’ve given up on the sit-ups challenge (I haven’t).  I just decided that it was a bit dull blogging about it every day of the month.  At that rate I’d still be blogging about it in October, 295 days later.  Bugger that.

But it’s still going strong.  I’ve been keeping the progress bar updated, so you’ll see that I’ve managed 2,775 sit-ups since the start of the year.  “Just” 17,225 to go!

I’ve also returned to the gym, finally.  I was there for an hour and a half this evening, doing my thing on the various pieces of equipment.  I don’t mind going to the gym.  Some parts get a bit boring, but on the whole it’s fun.  I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to learn that sit-ups after the gym are pretty hard!  I’ve only managed the minimum 55 on the days that I’ve been to the gym.  That in itself is no bad thing, since 55 every day is enough to see me through the year, but I’ve also been keeping ahead of pace on the days that I’m not at the gym.  For example, yesterday I did 125 — my best yet.

Don’t forget that we’re raising money for charity.  Please, if you can spare any money at all (and I know the government are doing their level best to make sure you can’t) head over to Just Giving and make a donation via our page.

I still haven’t blogged about aircongate.  I haven’t forgotten…I’m just far too lazy!


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