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Two Fat Men do 20,000 Sit-ups in 2011, day 29

Yesterday was a helluva day (the content of another blog post, coming soon to a blog near you) so rather than doing any sit-ups I ate takeaway food, drank wine and played online poker instead.  (Though the only real difference to any other night was the lack of sit-ups and the presence of takeaway.)  So I entered today with 1,890 sit-ups under my (rather large) belt and “just” 18,110 to go.  It occurred to me that just another 110 would make the magic 2,000 mark.  10% of the way there…

…so I did 115.

“But now it’s not a nice round number!” was Susie’s jibe.

“No, but now I’ve made a start on the next 1,000.” I replied.

And so I have.  I’ve broken the 10% mark, which feels great.  In addition to that, the first set this evening was a set of 40, beating my PB for the number of sit-ups in a single set.  I hope to keep pushing that until I can do 50, 75, 100 and more in a single set.  At some point this year, I’ll have a wicked 6-pack underneath this wine rack.


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