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Two Fat Men do 20,000 Sit-ups in 2011, day 19

Wot, no day 18?  Sorry, but no.  I wasn’t feeling well when I left work yesterday, so came straight home and went to bed.  I wasn’t concerned, since I was already ahead of the curve, and a good night’s sleep helped a great deal.  And I’m back in action!  Another 100 done tonight.  Fewer, bigger sets too: 30, 25, 20, 25.  There was a big break between the 2nd and 3rd set because of a phone call to my parents, but all the same, the sit-ups have been done once more.

So that’s 1,285 done.  Only another 18,715 to go!

I’d also like to take this moment to doff my metaphorical hat to Mr Cheesecake for his efforts.  He reached the 1000 mark yesterday.  Good work, that man!


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