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I hate this world.

Well OK, I don’t really.  I like a lot of it.  I love my wife and my kids.  I rather like where I live.  I like geocaching, and chatting to friends.  I like the beauty of the naked female form.  I like gadgets.  I like wine.

But, ironically I suppose, I hate hatred.  I hate the vitriol and the anger.  I hate how quick we are to apply an opinion and a label to whole sections of society, without so much as a brief pause to consider the individuals within those groups.  We are quick to ignore, to deny that our opinions might be based on a minority — albeit a very visible one.

We also seem to refuse to acknowledge our own hypocrisy.

Today was armistice day.  The 11th day of the 11th month when, at 11AM, we fell silent as the guns did in 1918, to remember those who gave their lives in WWI, and subsequently in the various wars which have plagued humanity since.  Today 30 people disrupted proceedings by shouting hate-filled slogans, burning poppies and so on.  The internet has lit up with hatred, but not for those 30 people but for Islam as a whole.  There has been little mention of the 60 members of the EDL who were also there, shouting similarly hate-filled things back.  Of course there hasn’t, because that doesn’t sell.

But that’s only part of the point.  We’re quick to associate all muslims with those who were attracting media coverage today.  I’m reasonably certain that the majority of muslims wish to be associated with those people as much as I wish to be associated with the members of the EDL who were also present…not at all.  I say I’m reasonably certain, and you could argue that I’m making an assumption there.  You’re right, I am.  But if their opinion was that which is held by a majority, why were there only 30 people there today?

It saddens me, and I mean really, truly, deeply saddens me that Western society has spent so many years trying so hard to flush out and banish racism.  Gone, thankfully, are the days when a black person would be made to stand up on a bus because a white person wanted to sit down.  No more are there separate toilets, or venues specifically for black or white people.  So much progress has been made, yet suddenly such a large backwards step has been taken.

Yet all of this doesn’t come close to the biggest irony.  As a result of today’s actions by 30 people, I’ve seen calls for all muslims to be exported from the UK or to be “taken out and shot lol.”  Hitler was obsessed with eradicating all jews.  These people are obsessed with eradicating all muslims.  But they’re different, apparently.  They’re not evil…just British(TM).  Bullshit.


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