Protected: Stuffed

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15 Jan 2017

Protected: More than…

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04 Nov 2016


Recently, Dave Harford set up a blog to talk about things that required more characters than Twitter allows. His first post is about teenage drivers, and I agree with his sentiments. I’d like to add to his thoughts with some of my own about driving in general. So Dave’s right: many people on the roads today

06 Jun 2015

“I’m basically first aid trained.”

Aah YouTube. You know how it is: you start with a video about the rise and fall of Capitalism in post-Communist Russia and before you realise what’s happened you find yourself watching an American teenager catch his bollocks on a ceiling fan as he tries some sort of skateboarding stunt. What’s worse is that you

11 May 2015

Ello update

If you’ve heard of Ello then I guess you’re probably in the minority. It’s a social network which is unapologetically minimalist and ad-free. I’ve been on there for a while, posting very occasionally. Anyway, this is all by the by. The point of this post is to replicate what I’ve just put on Ello, because

28 Apr 2015

Robin Williams

Dear Robin, Since the demons in your life got the better of you the world has been in mourning. Tributes are appearing from all corners. TV channels have changed their schedules. People have created drawings. Poems have been written. I just wish you were able to see it; to see how big a part you played

14 Aug 2014


Me: Harri, have you just been to the loo? Harri: Yes. Me: Did you wee or did you poo? Harri: Poo. Me: Read the sign over the toilet to me. Harri hesitates. Me: READ THE SIGN OVER THE TOILET TO ME! Harri (wobbling slightly): When you go to the loo please flush if you do

26 Jul 2014

Email to Alan Duncan, MP

I’ve just emailed my local MP about the government’s latest plans to legislate for the blanket collection of metadata (phone calls, text messages, emails, browsing history…). I thought I’d share my email here:   Dear sir, I’m writing to express my concern about the government’s plans to rush through legislation requiring all service providers to retain

10 Jul 2014

New look blog!

The old theme had been around for a while and it was starting to look a bit stale. After a bit of a hunt around for something that looked decent I found the answer right under my nose. The Tesla theme, currently available on I like it. I hope you do too.

08 Jun 2014


He’s elderly, but not old. 70s, I guess. He’s slumped on the floor in the kitchen and it’s clear he’s been there for some time. He’s cold, stiff, dead. He’s the first dead person I’ve seen and I’m here as the professional. I’m a volunteer who, just a year or so ago, hadn’t done any

06 Jun 2014
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